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Jx nx Each lady went home with a goody bag full of pampering kindly – Crossfit Alcoy

Each lady went home with a goody bag full of pampering kindly

It means that me and my children have the priviledge of only
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Each lady went home with a goody bag full of pampering kindly

Anne Jackson (blonde hair) CEO North West Cancer Research with charity ambassador Danielle Thomas and the dancers from the Viva Brasil Samba Show who treated ladies to a surprise performance on the evening. Share Comments

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canada goose uk outlet Ladies across Merseyside dug deep in their closets to help raise more than for cancer research in a glamorous charity handbag swap. canada goose uk outlet

Canada Goose Coats On Sale North West Cancer Research hosted the O very Swish ladies evening at Hope Street Hotel, canada goose coats uk as part of its ovarian cancer awareness month. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

A guest list of 70 ladies, including ambassadors Mezzo Soprano Danielle Thomas and actress Suzanne Collins, canada goose jacket outlet toronto brought their pre loved handbags canada goose shop review on the uk canada goose night in the hopes of canada goose outlet montreal exchanging them for something new.

As well as some unexpected designer finds, including canada goose black friday toronto a BNWT Lulu Guinness clutch, there were lots of vintage styles available for the ladies to choose from.

The centre piece of the evening however, was a special luxury designer bag from Amanda Wakeley’s current collection, The Redford Linen Beige Leather Shoulder Bag worth around which was generously donated by Amanda herself. canada goose parka uk The bag was raffled off, with the lucky winner taking home the much welcome wardrobe addition.

canada goose Ladies were treated to live entertainment from up and coming Liverpool talent Tabitha Jade, as well as surprise samba dancing from the Viva Brasil Show performers. canada goose

canada goose uk shop Students from Wirral Metropolitan College’s hair and beauty courses offered the ladies a chance to get their hair and makeup done, or have a relaxing head or hand massage for a small donation. Each lady went home with a goody bag full of pampering kindly treats donated by NUXE. canada goose uk shop

Special cocktails were also created for the evening by the Hope Street Hotel, with money from their sales donated to North West Cancer Research.

canada goose store O Very Swish marks the end of North West Cancer Research’s ovarian cancer awareness month and all of the raised will support cancer research projects based in the North West. canada goose store

Canada Goose Outlet Dubbed the silent killer, because its symptoms often go unnoticed, canada goose uk harrods ovarian cancer accounts for more than 7,000 new cases of cancer and 4,000 deaths in UK females every year. Canada Goose Outlet

Anne Jackson, CEO at North West cheap canada goose Cancer Research, said: «Ovarian cancer is an aggressive disease which is difficult to detect and one of the most prevalent killers among women in Liverpool and the UK.

«Events like these are a great way for us to come together and raise awareness of cancers such as this, while raising money to support vital research right here in Liverpool.

canada goose clearance «As a charity we fund lots of different types of cancer research and our aim is to understand the cause and mechanisms of cancers, in the hopes of developing treatments and preventative measure in years to come. canada goose clearance

«It was great to see so many people turn up and show their support, it was such a fun event and we hope the ladies took home some of the important messages relating to ovarian cancer.

«On behalf of the charity I would like to thank Amanda Wakeley for donating the fabulous bag, the team at Hope Street Hotel for letting us host the evening and finally our entertainers, the talented Tabitha Jade and the wonderful Samba dancers from XX.»

Amanda Wakeley added: «I am honoured to have been able to support this evening by donating one of our most popular and beautiful bags this season and I hope the lucky lady who won gets lots of joy out if it.»

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Diego Payá
Diego Payá
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